Thursday, November 20, 2008


Besides HK-style cafes, K likes to try new places to eat. Not hip, new, raved-about places but smaller places yet to be discovered. I, on the other hand, am not a fan of this. I rely on previous experiences, recommendations of friends, and yelp. However, since we've been dating/married, I've been more willing to go along on K's food adventures. In general, this has worked out favorably.

We visited Cook's Tortas last night and was very pleased. They have a range of tortas ranging from smoked salmon to carne asada. You would think with a menu like that, it wouldn't be authentic, but it is.

We picked it up to go since there was a basketball game on TV last night.

I also tried their pineapple celery aqua fresca and it had a unique taste. Kinda strange, but good. Hard to explain.

Hooray for another new place under my belt.


WeezerMonkey said...

You don't like to try new places? I commend your husband for forcing you to do so. Exploring is the best!

amber said...

that sandwich looks soooo good!

Winnie said...

I have a thing for menu on a chalkboard. Weird . . . but true :)

saraphin said...

cool, jane! i've been eyeing that place for a while but i'm always scared to try the unknown, it's not! :)

wan-nabe said...

mmmm, you said "smoked salmon." i'm a sucker for that stuff.

well, or just a sucker.

dapotato said...

cheers to exploring new food!