Sunday, November 9, 2008


I'm way behind on my TV watching. I just watched the last 30 Rock episode on Hulu and catch a rerun of Part I of the Season Finale of Top Design. I realize that Part 2 has already come and gone, but like I said, I'm way behind. In Part 1, Preston puts three plates on the wall in plate of an art piece and even though I didn't like his idea, this reminded me of an Anthropologie display that was featured on Apartment Therapy San Francisco awhile back that I love.

If I was living by myself, I'd have no problems having this display in my dining nook. However, it's probably a bit too much for K. Lucky for me, they also featured a much more doable version of the display.

I don't like this display quite as much. Too eclectic? Too kitchsy? I don't know.

This sweet picture discovered through Google Images makes me smile.

While some would prefer to search high and low for their plates in flea markets and estate sales every weekend, I prefer to hit up Anthropologie. I love Anthropologie. I love simple modern but there is a part of me that longs for lace, ruffles, and florals. It's full of beautiful things that are mass manufactured but manages to feign the history of things much older and much more personal. It's like flea market shopping without all the work! These plates would be perfect on my plate wall.

Full Bloom

I sent K the pictures, already giddy over the visuals of doing this in our dining nook. His reply: I don't get it. I don't think we should do it in our house if I don't get it. If this was wedding planning, I would've done it anyway. Since we have to live with it, it's probably better that I don't start stocking up on plates. Yet another lesson I'm learning on the road of the happily ever after.


WeezerMonkey said...

The winner of Top Design this season did a paper plate light fixture that was surprisingly cool.

amber said...

i've had several ideas for the home that jim has vetoed. sometimes i wind up agreeing with him, but sometimes not. all about compromise, i guess ;)

The Modern Type said...

"If this was wedding planning, I would've done it anyway." This is where I'm at right now and I love it. And I love the plate idea too.

Winnie said...

My husband has zero interest in home decorating . . . just like wedding planning. Hee. I definitely married the right man.

wan-nabe said...

i'm in the exact opposite position as winnie - the hub MUST preapprove all home decor, as he did with wedding planning. did i ever tell you that these words actually came out of his mouth:

"how about if i pick, like, 5 dresses for you and then you can just choose one of them?"