Monday, November 10, 2008

Must Love Dogs

Y'all know that I love Louie.

(Yes, I specifically selected the worst pictures of Louie from throughout the years. =))

I'm a bit worried about transitioning Louie to le shoebox. It has no yard and much less space, not to mention neighbors with whom we'll be sharing walls. Louie is a really mellow fellow and doesn't even like to exercise more than once a day. He barks only when someone is at the door, but in a condo, there is much motion and noise with people throughout the building. I plan on taking a day or two off from work when we move to help him get settled.

K's biggest worry are the new floors. Does anyone else have dogs + wood floors? Do the dogs scuff and scratch the floors? K's actually contemplating some dog shoes for Louie. We're also getting a shag rug and when we brought a sample home, Louie didn't display any desire to rip and destroy it. I wonder if he's just waiting until we bring the entire rug home to ruin it.

Since we're getting all new furniture, it's only fitting that Louie does also. Not that he actually sleeps in his own bed, but on the rare occasion that he chooses to, we need a dog bed. I've been seeing these fatboy dog beds on undrgrnd. Seems a bit steep for a dog bed, even at a discount. 

The outdoor beds from Jax and Bones are perfect. I love the fabric choices. Still steep.

girl and a dog creates matching pillows and dog beds. You can use your own fabric or pick one of their choices. Looks good in theory!

Louie would never go for a dog crate/den sort of arrangement, but these looked pretty cool ... or kind of sad? I'm not sure. (From DenHaus)

And probably the mother of them all, this $1000 dog bed from Muleh.

I also think Louie would love a replica of himself to play with. This etsy artist takes a picture of your dog and makes it into a "stuffed portrait." It looks nothing like the actual picture, IMO, but I love it.


WeezerMonkey said...

Dog shoes?!

I am shaking my head at you, dear. The scratching up of wood floors is an inevitability. No dog shoes!

amber said...

my CWs dog has some. they are too damn funny, although i totally shook my head at her when she told me about them.

those dog beds are fancy! i, personally, like the one that can match your couch cushions. very cool.

Winnie said...

Well the fear of scratching up the wooden floor in our condo was a factor in our decision to not have a dog . . .

But dog shoes seem kind of cruel :( Sorry.

wan-nabe said...

i'm not gonna lie - the poor doggies in those crates DO look sad.

and i can't stop laughing at the dog shoes. you see, i bought molly a set once. and she chewed those damn things off faster than i could put them on.

serves me right.

Korey said...

Hi, I just found your blog via Jasmine Star, and I wanted to comment on this old post (I hope you see this!). I have wood floors and a big, hyper dog (lab mix). He runs all over them, and slides, and stops suddenly, and never a single scratch. We got the "distressed-looking" wood, thinking we could fill in scratches, but none so far! Also, I love Costco's dog beds. They are stylish and either $19.99 or $24.99. I don't feel bad throwing it away after a month (when it's stinky).