Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mishap. Again.

Awhile ago, my father bought my mom a beautiful Tod's bag. She loved it but left it here when she went back to Hong Kong. I wanted to keep it from feeling neglected so I used it. One day, I tossed a bottle of water in the bag and the water slowly leaked out into the bag. The beautiful leather bag. 

It left such a dark stain that there was really no solution. So MOH and I dashed off and went to buy a replica. My income had no business buying that bag but I felt so guilty. I stashed the stained one in my room and years later, she discovered it and teased me for buying a replica. I should've just bought a new and different bag, she teased. Yea, mom. OK.

That experience left a deep scar on the bag, my bank account, and me. I never put water bottles in my leather bags again. Until this past Sunday.

I thought the bottle was empty when I tossed it in but alas, it was not. Nor was it closed tightly.

This was the result.

At least this time it was my own bag and this bag has had a good run for about 2 years. It's my go-to Fall bag. It has beautiful gold metal accents and (formerly) gorgeous, rich leather. RIP beautiful bag. We were so good together.

It also got on my wallet, but it covered it well enough that you can hardly tell there was a water stain. And also because I just can't afford to replace it right now.

The bag, the wallet, my bank account and I are devastated.


Winnie said...


amber said...

your poor little bag :(

WeezerMonkey said...

What is up with your water bottles?!

Stephanie said...

Oh NO YOU DI'N'T!!! Is that the coach one with the buckles? =(

wan-nabe said...

ohhhhhhh. i am so sorry for your bag!

but i love the story about the tod's bag. awesome.

Jasmine said...

have you tried Factotum? i spilled fish oil (please don't ask any questions) on my leather Gucci bag and they got the horrific stain out. the store is in laguna and when i worked at nordstrom they were the exclusive store we used for all our leather goods. they're AMAZING.
and, yes, you can buy me a leather purse for my knowledge. ;)