Thursday, October 16, 2008


In case you're wondering, we haven't moved into yet. We still renovating. It's taking so.very.long. However, now we have a deadline. My dad is renting out our house to his secretary and told her that we'd be out by the end of November. He's finally cutting me off. After 27 years. =) 

K and I are still having discussion about the visuals, but I think that the both of us are so over the whole process that at this point, we're just trying to finish.

So far we've made several purchases, but the first item to actually arrive was our new TV. We were lucky to know someone working on the inside and they just so happened to be having their employee sale which gives them a little extra off of their employee discount.

Ah, she's a beauty. We currently have a big screen TV that my family received as a gift in the early 1990s so this is pretty amazing for me.

We're debating whether or not to have someone professionally mount the TV onto the wall. What happens to all the peripherals like the DVD player and the Wii? Is it more expensive or more trouble than its worth? Le shoebox doesn't have a large living space so mounting the TV will save space by I figured we'll still need some sort of storage for all these other things that go with a TV.


Winnie said...

Whee! Yay for new TV!!! Our TV sits on top of storage space. It's not mounted to the wall . . . but then again, we don't have to worry about earthquakes here.

The Modern Type said...

Mounting the tv looks good but storing and hiding the rest of the crap gets tricky. We have a little unit that sits underneath the tv, low to the floor where all the wires and boxes live. I guess we could even sit our tv on there but we don't. :)

venn said...

We went through this exact same dilemma with our TV. We decided to get this (in the darker color):

It's not too deep which was perfect for our space. We bought 2, put them together to make a long console, and drilled holes in the back for the chords. It's great for holding the DVD and DVR players, and there's room for storage boxes that hold our DVDs and other crap. It also hides all the fugly electric chords.

In the end, we didn't mount the TV, but have the option to do so later on.

Not that you needed to know all this useless information.

WeezerMonkey said...

Me wants.

Stephanie said...

omg I can't believe your dad is renting out the house! can you still leave stuff there? at least it gives you a set date for the big move-in. I'm so excited to see all the renovations - it's gonna be so fab!

Stephanie said...

I just realized - we can do our holiday get-togethers at your pad this year! yaaaay!

wan-nabe said...

i sure hope we can have a giant tv if and when we ever buy a house.

and yeah, we'll probably hire someone to mount it if we ever do, because neither of us has the patience required to DIY.