Friday, October 17, 2008


After church tonight, I joined a K and few friends at a taco truck near the house. I was happily munching away when somebody said, "blah blah blah... he would have if Louie didn't run away."

I almost choked on my taco. 

While I was away, we opened up our home to the college group to have their fellowship. Apparently, sometime during the small group discussion, Louie snuck out of the house and ran around the neighborhood. K and the group immediately dispatched a search party of 2 cars and 1 person on foot. 

They found him on a major street in the neighborhood playing with a man on his front lawn. I am so thankful that he didn't get tangled up with the traffic. A couple walking their dog had encountered Louie and tried to call the number on his tag, which we disconnected a few months ago. 

Louie is fine and resting at home. We're going to get him a new tag and collar first thing tomorrow.

I am recovering from my heart attack.


Winnie said...

Wow, good thing they found Louie! Yes, definitely get a new tag with the correct number asap.

The Modern Type said...

I woulda passed out! Please don't let Louie live a life on the streets.

WeezerMonkey said...

While I was away, we opened up our home to the college group to have their fellowship.

Here's your mistake.

Stephanie said...

I woulda paid to see K's face after you heard that. You must've given him the look of death! haha after the look he gave me before the engagement - his expressions are so priceless!

Glad they found him safe and sound. Otherwise, I'd be coming home from Europe to hold you back from strangling someone =)

amber said...

:( i'm glad he's okay!

wan-nabe said...

i hope you didn't end up having to waste a delicious taco by spitting it out.

glad there was a happy ending!