Sunday, October 12, 2008


My MOH doesn't blog, so I'm going to blog about her wedding planning to keep it in internet history. Also because I'm reliving my own planning process vicariously through her. 

As I've recently posted, MOH got engaged a little while ago. Since then, she has put her wedding planning on hold because she just left for a 5-week trip in Europe. It's a tough life this girl leads. ;) 

When it comes to design, fashion, anything of the sort, MOH's one of those girls that will know it when she sees it and nothing already in existence captures exactly what she's talking about. It's like everything is a MOH original. The internet has been invaluable to our long-distance planning bonding time. I have no idea how people planned weddings before the internet. We use TV references to help when we're lacking visuals on emails. She adores the white, Badgley Mischka gown that Carrie wore when she broke up with Aiden and thinks Vera Wang is too Charlotte for her tastes. 

We're hoping that they will have enough money for wedding scenario A, gown and all. 

On our last trip to Disney's California Adventures, she suddenly pulls me aside and points to a flower:

"This is it!" 

Apparently, the deep purple on the edges of the flower has a similarity to the deep purple she wants as an accent color. She swears its not fuchsia or maroon, and that it's a purple, not a pink. I can't name the color nor had I ever seen in on stationery, ribbons, etc. I just did my job as BFF and snapped the picture.


WeezerMonkey said...

I'm sorry, but that is totally not purple.

It's good you took a pic. ;)

Winnie said...

I love how you're blogging for your MOH :) I've been secretly wishing for my MOH to get engaged too.

venn said...

Having visions of a certain color in your head is one thing. Trying to find that certain color in the form of dresses, paper, flowers and decor is entirely another.

I realized after a few months of planning that if the color couldn't be found at Fabric Barn, it simply did not exist.

The Modern Type said...

You're alive and bloggin'! Woop! I can totally relate about the non-purple purple. Apparently what I think is purple makes my b.maids think I'm nuts. Perhaps me and your moh are from the same planet?

wan-nabe said...

i so wish i'd been blogging while wedding planning.

and, um, that's so not purple. unless the colors are THAT off on my monitor :/

Guhleeenda said...

oh yee of impeccable taste!

Stephanie said...

It's 2 am in Barcelona and I'm just catching up on your blog! Loves it. It's only been one week and I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever!

And no, it's not REALLY purple on that flower. But the tips were more purple-y, no? Plum-ish? At least you know what I mean - that's why we're friends =)