Saturday, October 18, 2008

le boîte à chaussures

I finally took the time to look up the shoebox in French. I think I'm going to stick with le shoebox. I'm not sure if that's even right. I don't trust internet translators.

Spent Saturday furniture shopping. Again. At least we actually purchased stuff this time. K's shopping mantra is "Buy it when you need it." Mine is "Buy it before someone else does and they run out and then you are left with nothing." I am a shopper that can grab 10 items to purchase in about 15 minutes while K likes to wait and see if anything better appears before him magically. This can be tough when we're trying to buy furniture since we both have to somewhat agree on it.

We were buying some lamps when I spotted some outdoor furniture on the PB showroom floor. I have ideas of actually furnishing the patio at le shoebox simply because it would make sense to actually use that space when there's so little space available. Plus, we live in SoCal, so it'll be useable through much of the year. I found out the outdoor furniture was on sale, AND we had the Friends and Family 20% discount for the weekend, AND we'd get another discount because we'd be able to buy parts of it as floor samples. I was practically making money on this purchase! =)

So right now, the only furniture we have is outdoor furniture. My  mother must be so proud.

Judging by the progress of the renovations at le shoebox, we probably won't need indoor furniture any time soon.

Our bathtub is in the bedroom.

K did not want me to paint the dining nook in this beautiful bright yellow. It was a bit too jarring for him. He agreed to let me paint the inside of the closet whatever color I wanted. It's orange. Yes, it's that bright in person. If not ten times more. I don't know why I didn't paint it in the yellow I wanted. I really like the way this orange makes me feel and I imagine how happy I'll be looking at it as I'm getting my clothes out in the morning. That's if I don't go blind looking at it.

The rest of le shoebox is in Benjamin Moore's feather gray. It came out way more blue than I anticipated but I like it. The bedroom and dining nook are in a darker gray that definitely looks gray.

The kitchen cabinets will be painted white with a black granite counter top. Wall will be in the same feather gray.

Sigh. I'll be keeping y'all posted.


WeezerMonkey said...

I love the orange.

Winnie said...

I love the orange too! Le shoebox is way cuter than the real French name.

Guhleeenda said...

looking good!
you're so cute.

amber said...

i don't think we talked about your new place at DTF, but it looks cute! i <3 the feather grey and the kitchen sounds like it will be gorgeous.

have you checked out the restoration hardware outlet in camarillo? if not, it's fabulous! they have tons of good stuff and if you hit it during a sale weekend, they take additional discounts off of everything in the store. we got our outdoor chaise lounges there for almost 40%off.

Jasmine said...

My EYES...oh my EYES...I can't see anymore after staring at the ORANGE too long! ;)
Just kidding...I LOOOOVE IT! :)
JD and I are moving, so I'm getting inspired from this post...hmmm...maybe our living room should be orange!

The Modern Type said...

I want a house to decorate. I'll live vicariously through you, err, I mean through your blog. ;)

wan-nabe said...

yowza, that's orange! haha - i love it, though. too bad the hub won't ever let me have a color like that anywhere, even in a closet. :X