Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm feeling much better today. I stayed an extra day home from work because ... well, just because. I'm not 100% better, so I'd rather stay away and not get anyone else ill. Though I probably got it from someone else at work. Kids = club med for germs.

I still cannot eat everything I'd like to eat. I woke up and stuck to my diet of water and ginger ale until I began watching the food channel and my stomach grumbled for more. I got myself a bit of porridge and already started feeling my stomach work really hard to digest it. 

Nevertheless, a few hours later, while watching Emeril Live, I allowed myself to eat steak. They were cooking steak on the show and I knew I had a steak left over in the fridge. I heated it up, against my better judgment, and chowed down. The first few bites were so good. So dense. So substantial. So unlike the liquids I had be taking for the past couple of days. 

My stomach proceeded to beat me up from the inside. I kept the steak down but I felt like my stomach was a washing machine trying to churn butter. 

Truth be told, it was 

Will head back to work tomorrow just in time for a Fall Festival. Fall Festival = sitting in the sun for hours watching kids play games. Followed by Harvest Festival at church. Harvest Festival = sitting for hours in the evening watching kids play games. =)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My stomach started cramping at about 10 P.M. last night and I hit the sack by 10:30. At around midnight I woke up with RIDICULOUS cramps and basically spent all night floating in and out of sleep, alternating with vomiting and excruciating pain. The kind of pain that makes you wail out for mercy. I slept by the bathroom because it was just that bad. 

Finally at about 5:45 A.M., I sucked it up and went to the emergency room. I figured if I was still in pain after an entire night of vomiting, I should go see someone. It took awhile for someone to see me, even after I vomited in the emergency room. 

Anyway, the doctor says I probably have the stomach flu or some stomach infection, gave me some prescriptions and sent me on my way. Unfortunately, there was no medicine they could give me for the stomach cramps, only for the vomiting. 

This is turning out to be an awful, awful week. I'm starving but I'm too scared to eat, in case I upchuck it all again. When I got back from the hospital, I was able to sleep with the help of the meds and have been sleeping through most of the day. 

Defeated by the stomach. Bah!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Bridesmaid Whisperer was craving some fish and chips. After some scouting on Yelp, we settled on English House Fish and Chips in Arcadia. With 5 positive reviews on yelp, we figured it'd definitely edible and possibly enjoyable.

Turned out to some of the yummiest fried foods ever! All the foods are fried fresh by a sweet old couple. I would've left the fries in the fryer a bit longer, but the pieces of fish was perfection! Tried the fresh lemonade and was very satisfied. They also fry shrimp, scallops, and oysters. We plan on returning to try them all. 

I've been slowly cleaning out the house to preparation for our move. I found this tucked in one of my old notebooks. 

Phew. I don't even remember who gave that to me. That should give you an idea of how much stuff I have to sort through in this moving-out process. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I finally watched a full episode of Gossip Girl for the first time on Monday night. I've sat through a partial episode before, but never a full episode. A few of my BFFs love this show and are addicted, I just never caught on.

WeezerMonkey did some fabulous write ups of previous episodes (and other TV shows) but since I had never watched them, I never really got them. The writing is on Gossip Girl is My favorite line of the episode came courtesy of Chuck Bass:

B: What took you so long?
C: If you think that was long, you have no idea what you're in for.

[dead] I'm LOLing just thinking about it. 

It's one of those shows that you have to be 110% into or it'll just seem stupid. It actually reminds me a lot of the original 90210. I'm not sure if I'll be making the time to watch it weekly (no Tivo here) but its definitely enjoyable!

SO MUCH BETTER than the crap that is The Hills. I used to watch the show pretty regularly and it started making me want to stab myself in the eye a bit during the last season. I flipped to it on Monday and discovered that they started doing this so very stupid interactive thing where people post messages about the show as they're watching it. Then MTV flashes selected messages on the screen every 2 seconds or so. I'm watching the scene and Audrina walks into the room. "Team Audrina!!!!! - saijd238" flashes across the screen. 2 seconds later, another comment flashes in another corner. Interactive TV watching on speed. I can't handle it.

After about three minutes of this (The initial shock and disgust immobilized me), I had to flip away. Do they do this during the ENTIRE show? Will the messages flash on reruns as well? The dialogue on the show is tough enough. Bah! 

Monday, October 20, 2008


I've recently become obsessed with these animal footstools popping up randomly on design blogs. I imagine how quaint it would be to have one of them resting in a corner of le shoebox. Or how cute it'd be for Louie to snuggle up against one. They are just on the right side of cheesetastic and I love them.

Jonathan Adler's footstools caught my eye first. (Saw this on Oh Happy Day)
Love the texture on this one from moss. I want to hug it. (Forgot where I saw this.)

Thought this one from a French decorator takes the texture a bit overboard  but its less cutesy than the others and has way more visual impact. Louie would probably be scared of this one. (Saw this on Apartment Therapy)

My only question is: Why are they so expensive?!

And if you have the animals, you must have log pillows to go along with them! Apartment Therapy Chicago did a round up of log pillows on etsy. These are more in my budget but wouldn't work unless if I had the animal footstools. Duh.

Yes, I may have completely lost my mind.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

le boîte à chaussures

I finally took the time to look up the shoebox in French. I think I'm going to stick with le shoebox. I'm not sure if that's even right. I don't trust internet translators.

Spent Saturday furniture shopping. Again. At least we actually purchased stuff this time. K's shopping mantra is "Buy it when you need it." Mine is "Buy it before someone else does and they run out and then you are left with nothing." I am a shopper that can grab 10 items to purchase in about 15 minutes while K likes to wait and see if anything better appears before him magically. This can be tough when we're trying to buy furniture since we both have to somewhat agree on it.

We were buying some lamps when I spotted some outdoor furniture on the PB showroom floor. I have ideas of actually furnishing the patio at le shoebox simply because it would make sense to actually use that space when there's so little space available. Plus, we live in SoCal, so it'll be useable through much of the year. I found out the outdoor furniture was on sale, AND we had the Friends and Family 20% discount for the weekend, AND we'd get another discount because we'd be able to buy parts of it as floor samples. I was practically making money on this purchase! =)

So right now, the only furniture we have is outdoor furniture. My  mother must be so proud.

Judging by the progress of the renovations at le shoebox, we probably won't need indoor furniture any time soon.

Our bathtub is in the bedroom.

K did not want me to paint the dining nook in this beautiful bright yellow. It was a bit too jarring for him. He agreed to let me paint the inside of the closet whatever color I wanted. It's orange. Yes, it's that bright in person. If not ten times more. I don't know why I didn't paint it in the yellow I wanted. I really like the way this orange makes me feel and I imagine how happy I'll be looking at it as I'm getting my clothes out in the morning. That's if I don't go blind looking at it.

The rest of le shoebox is in Benjamin Moore's feather gray. It came out way more blue than I anticipated but I like it. The bedroom and dining nook are in a darker gray that definitely looks gray.

The kitchen cabinets will be painted white with a black granite counter top. Wall will be in the same feather gray.

Sigh. I'll be keeping y'all posted.

Friday, October 17, 2008


After church tonight, I joined a K and few friends at a taco truck near the house. I was happily munching away when somebody said, "blah blah blah... he would have if Louie didn't run away."

I almost choked on my taco. 

While I was away, we opened up our home to the college group to have their fellowship. Apparently, sometime during the small group discussion, Louie snuck out of the house and ran around the neighborhood. K and the group immediately dispatched a search party of 2 cars and 1 person on foot. 

They found him on a major street in the neighborhood playing with a man on his front lawn. I am so thankful that he didn't get tangled up with the traffic. A couple walking their dog had encountered Louie and tried to call the number on his tag, which we disconnected a few months ago. 

Louie is fine and resting at home. We're going to get him a new tag and collar first thing tomorrow.

I am recovering from my heart attack.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


In case you're wondering, we haven't moved into yet. We still renovating. It's taking so.very.long. However, now we have a deadline. My dad is renting out our house to his secretary and told her that we'd be out by the end of November. He's finally cutting me off. After 27 years. =) 

K and I are still having discussion about the visuals, but I think that the both of us are so over the whole process that at this point, we're just trying to finish.

So far we've made several purchases, but the first item to actually arrive was our new TV. We were lucky to know someone working on the inside and they just so happened to be having their employee sale which gives them a little extra off of their employee discount.

Ah, she's a beauty. We currently have a big screen TV that my family received as a gift in the early 1990s so this is pretty amazing for me.

We're debating whether or not to have someone professionally mount the TV onto the wall. What happens to all the peripherals like the DVD player and the Wii? Is it more expensive or more trouble than its worth? Le shoebox doesn't have a large living space so mounting the TV will save space by I figured we'll still need some sort of storage for all these other things that go with a TV.


Last night, we had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Brabus at Phoenix and so missed the debate. I have actually missed all three debates because of one event or another. It takes much more effort to read the transcript or analysis of the debate than it does to actually watch it, but I feel like I'm more informed about this election than I have been in any other election. I've found NPR's day-after-fact-checking segment extremely helpful.

I was not at all sad about missing the VP debate. Listening to her speak in any context sends shivers down my spine. That's all I'll say about that.

Also, I'm buying these so Obama has to win. Oh heck, I'll wear them even if he loses.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I had the pleasure of dining at Daikokuya recently. It's dubbed the "Most Glorious Ramen Place Ever" (MGPRE) by my BFFs. 

This is one of those salads where it's all about the dressing. There is definitely crack in it. I ate two portions.

The cold noodles sans meat for Vegetarian Bridesmaid

The ramen is SO good. I'm not sure if its gourmet palate good, but it's definitely fatty, bad-for-you type of good. They put some pork belly fat in the ramen and its just so.damn.good.

The gyozas. Trust me when I say that you don't need to eat anything other than the salad and the ramen at this place. Everything else is meh.

Possibly the best ramen I've ever had. Please direct me to other locations that will rival MGRPE.


A few weeks ago, I attended a conference in Scottsdale. I've never been to Scottsdale. Apparently, it's like the spa capital of the nation and boasts its very own Sprinkles. It even has some major high-end shopping. Prior to this, I thought Scottsdale was more farm and tumbleweeds. My bad. If you need a vacation not too far away, Scottsdale may be your place. Just don't go during the Summer. It is a friggin' oven.

It's been too long since the trip for a real recap, so blurry iPhone pictures will have to do. (I still have not mastered the art of picture taking on this phone!) 

The weather is funky in Scottsdale.

Drive-by photo snapping. Sprinkles!

After unsuccessfully trying to have dinner at two other locations, we settled on this:

It reminded me of Houston's.

When we first drove by this joint, I died of laughter. If I was driving, I would've ran the car into the curb.

I love the blue sky in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale Bible Church

Yelp helped us to find Giuseppe.
It was tasty!

MOH recently told me about her new found love for Ped Egg. I'm scared of it, but she swears it works wonder. I was tempted to try it.

The conference was a really good experience. I've been a Christian since 1999 and I've never really thought about some of the things the speakers at the conference got me to think about. It's as though, for the very first time, I realize that it's difficult to have this faith and call myself a Christian. The wheels in my head are still turning and all this thinking, questioning, and wondering is doing me some good.


My MOH doesn't blog, so I'm going to blog about her wedding planning to keep it in internet history. Also because I'm reliving my own planning process vicariously through her. 

As I've recently posted, MOH got engaged a little while ago. Since then, she has put her wedding planning on hold because she just left for a 5-week trip in Europe. It's a tough life this girl leads. ;) 

When it comes to design, fashion, anything of the sort, MOH's one of those girls that will know it when she sees it and nothing already in existence captures exactly what she's talking about. It's like everything is a MOH original. The internet has been invaluable to our long-distance planning bonding time. I have no idea how people planned weddings before the internet. We use TV references to help when we're lacking visuals on emails. She adores the white, Badgley Mischka gown that Carrie wore when she broke up with Aiden and thinks Vera Wang is too Charlotte for her tastes. 

We're hoping that they will have enough money for wedding scenario A, gown and all. 

On our last trip to Disney's California Adventures, she suddenly pulls me aside and points to a flower:

"This is it!" 

Apparently, the deep purple on the edges of the flower has a similarity to the deep purple she wants as an accent color. She swears its not fuchsia or maroon, and that it's a purple, not a pink. I can't name the color nor had I ever seen in on stationery, ribbons, etc. I just did my job as BFF and snapped the picture.