Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am a jerky fiend. 

My all-time favorite jerky is the Chinese-style, juicy, sticky pork jerky. My second favorite is the jerky that you buy from liquor stores or gas stations. The scary looking ones in the plastic bins that you have to grab with little tongs. My third favorite is the little black bags, labeled with the name of a company I can't remember. I only look for the outline of a cow and the word "Enjoy" scripted in red. 

I just found a fabulous bag of beef jerky at the market. It usually comes in those small 8 oz. bags. I had to buy one. I actually wanted to buy two. I am always amazed at how much jerky costs. 

I got my jerky in teriyaki.

I've been leaving it on my kitchen counter. I grab a piece to chew as I leave the house in the morning and I think about it on my drive home. I chew a couple of pieces as I prepare dinner. Then I chew one while I watch TV after dinner. I may even grab another one before I brush my teeth before bed.

Chew, chew, chew


wan-nabe said...

i love jerky, too. i love that the hub's still stubbornly in phase I of south beach, because that means there's always at least one bag of jerky in the house!

WeezerMonkey said...

Way back when, I knew these three kids at Chinese School whose family owned a Chinese jerky factory. They would bring it for everyone to eat, but all three kids were so incredibly mean to me all the time.

As a result, I hate jerky.

The end.

Winnie said...

I used to love that stuff, but now I've completely grown out of it. Maybe I'll have to get a bag sometime.

The Modern Type said...

when i'm angry, i eat jerky. something about chewing out my frustration soothes me. but then again, any food makes me happy.

dapotato said...

i love jerky but am too cheap to buy it often.

every time we went back to korea when i was young, we'd buy TONS of it at costco to distribute to relatives. dang they loved that stuff. i guess they couldn't get it there back then.