Friday, August 15, 2008


K has been working hard on starting up renovations in the new condo. I've been working hard on picking out the details. Between the leaking air conditioner, talking to the HOA, and scheduling contractors, I don't envy him.

I'm learning that picking out furniture is not my strength. I prefer looking at photographs and prints that will go nicely in a collage in the dining nook. I found this blog through one of the other design/stationery blogs that I subscribe to. Something about the pictures tickles my eyeballs. 

With K's help, we have managed to narrow down some things to put into the condo. Nothing fancy or original, but good enough for our first place. I have a really hard time picking furniture because I don't have an idea of what I like. I've lived in my current house since the 5th grade. I'm just used to all the pieces my parents picked and have never picked any of my own furniture. Unless if you count the futon in college but that was really between two options that my mom presented to me.

Every broke first-time homeowner loves a little Ikea in the right places, right? My jaw dropped a bit when I saw that Ikea is now selling couches for nearly $1000. If I'm going to pay $1000, I might as well get a couch somewhere else! I still like Ikea thought. Love this as a dining chair: 
4 of those babies to go around this dining table, in white (I hope. K and I are having "discussions" about color.):

We're getting the one in the smaller size because, in case I haven't mentioned it, we're moving into a shoebox.

This is my favorite piece so far. My desk! Kevin doesn't need a desk. Just a laptop in front of the TV. 

We're looking for a couch under 70". I looked on C&B's small scale couches and thought I found the one but when I went to go sit on it yesterday, it was not as comfortable as I wanted. Ideas?


moderntype said...

My MOH just had some furniture custom made for way cheaper than the designer stuff. Let me know if you want the info. I think she had to drive to like Long Beach to meet him.

WeezerMonkey said...

Room and Board?

dapotato said...

larry st. john in gardena can customize almost any of their stuff to the right size. good luck!

and that "ticking my eyeballs" grosses me out.

never to be a contact-wearer

Ivy said...

I second dapotato! We just ordered from there a few weeks ago. Place is kinda weird but huge showroom with lots of options.

venn said...

Ditto ditto dapotato and ivy. We're in the process of buying couches too and have looked EVERYWHERE. Larry St. John seems to have the best prices for good quality stuff. We've been there twice and are currently having "discussions" about style.

Winnie said...

We've been living without dining chairs for 4 years now :) I didn't want to just settle for Ikea chairs, even though practically all of our other furnitures came from that store.

Have you tried CB2 or West Elm?

wan-nabe said...

i suck at all aspects of interior decorating. the hub did it all, but he'll deny it to anyone who asks.