Monday, August 11, 2008


Since I've never traveled to the part of the United States between Las Vegas and Chicago (and don't have any plans to), I probably don't know anything about good BBQ. So take it with a grain of salt when I say that Lucille's is da bomb. I love it. so. very. much.

It's always a special treat to go because all of the Lucille's locations are far away from us so it was a perfect end to a great evening that began with K and his team winning their basketball game. It's much easier to enjoy dinner with the team when they've won the game.

We always share the same thing when we go: a combo with beef ribs, another meat, baked potato, and corn. Don't forget the strawberry lemonade. Same meal, everytime. Just call us Mr. and Mrs. Excitement.

They have a choice of three sauces. I've never added sauce to my food, it's saucy enough for me. You can also get everything without the sauce already on it.

I'm looking for these types of lights for a birthday party this weekend. Anyone know where I can get them cheap and quick?

Louie always appreciates it when we go to Lucille's.

I went on Interview #2 for a different company today. A real, hour-long interview! I thought it went well. I didn't make a total fool of myself. Sort of, but I won't recount that here. I left with a test and task to be completed by Monday.


WeezerMonkey said...

I've never been to Lucille's!

dapotato said...

try stats in pasadena across the street from castle green for those lights. not sure about cheap, but they usually have them in stock. call ahead first.

smith&hawken has 'em, but not cheaply.

i saw them somewhere else recently but can't remember where, dangit. try walmart, kmart, target, big lots.

the bear loves lucille's.

Winnie said...

The hubbs and I used to go to Lucille's all the time :) I know nothing about bbq neither but it's sooooo good. The apple butter that comes with the biscuits is delish too.

wan-nabe said...

that apple butter is the best thing at lucille's.