Thursday, August 7, 2008


I've never been on a real job interview. My very first real job was working at a Papyrus in Berkeley, before it sadly burned to a crisp. The "interview" that landed me that job took place on a bench across the street from the store. The manager asked me about myself and my schedule as she smoked a cigarette and was careful not to blow smoke in my face.

My second interview landed me my current gig. It was two weeks before the school year was set to start and the school had lost a first grade teacher as a result of No Child Left Behind. This would be the only time I'd ever be grateful for Dub-ya's brain child. The principal interviewing me and I both had the unspoken understanding that they needed me. Actually, they just needed a warm body before the kids returned. Since my temperature was a healthy 98.6 degrees, I was set. 

I'm going on a real interview tomorrow. I'm nervous. I've never been asked those difficult interview questions that people prepare for in front of the bathroom mirror. As you know, I've been contemplating a career change and while I'm still employed, I am exploring my options. It can't hurt to put myself out and there at least give it a try. Honestly, I'm not sure I even want the job because my job with the big LAUSD giant is so safe. I keep telling myself that I have to take risks in order to really get to where I want to go ... wherever that may be. Or I could be a teacher for the next 40 years. *shudder*

I've had a lot of thoughts I'd like to include here:

1. Why is that girl wearing a backless, low-cut mini dress and clear heels at the mall on a Saturday afternoon? Why is she purchasing another backless, low-cut mini dress today? (I wanted to snap a picture of this but could never get slick enough.)

2. Why does Barefoot Contessa irk me so!? *shakes fist* Why am I always checking in on her at the Food Network at 5 P.M.?

3. I drove 400 miles on my 16 gallon tank. WOO HOO! I've also been driving at 65 mph or under. Me = grandma.

4. God is good.

Deep thoughts, I know these are.


Winnie said...

I don't do well in interviews. It's a miracle that I am employed at all :X Sorry, not being very encouraging here. Good luck with your interview!!

dapotato said...

interviewing gets easier with practice, so yeah, do it anyway! i'm sure you'll do fine.

i don't like barefoot contessa either. use some good olive oil. make sure to use good butter. wtf is "good?"

WeezerMonkey said...

Interviewing is all about B.S. Of course, for that reason, I am the master interviewer.

This may or may not be a good thing.

And I see no problem with being a teacher for 40 years if you love it. :)

AliGoesBlogWild said...

Hi there -- it's Ali from our old online stomping grounds. Obviously, I read your blog and this post made me want to ask you a few questions about why you're considering leaving your job since I'm actually planning on going back to school to BECOME a teacher! Before I start rackin' in the student loans, I'd LOVE to hear your perspective -- good, bad, and ugly -- so that I feel prepared and confident in MY potential career change. GOOD LUCK TO YOU whatever it is!! Feel free to email me at my knot name at

wan-nabe said...

i hate interviews, but i'm actually fairly good at them. i don't know how i managed to swing that one.

and yes, god is good, my friend. faith is a wonderful thing to have.