Saturday, August 9, 2008


K loves Hong Kong style cafes. We live near a ton of them. He would eat at one everyday if he could but unfortunately for him, I refuse to. WeezerMonkey put it best when she described these cafes as "Chinese people cooking American food." (Or something to that effect.) All of these cafes share a lot of commonalities but there are only a handful that we'll return to. Time and time again. Today I was feeling especially kind and compliant so we visited Garden Cafe.

All of these HK cafes have place mats sponsored by other companies.

This is actually a newish menu. There is usually a separate lunch and dinner menu. The only thing that varies between the two is the pricing. You can pretty much eat whatever you want, whenever you want it.

The beverage is the key to the cafe. Most popular is the lemon iced tea or iced milk tea. The drinks are usually included in the lunch specials. There is sometimes a surcharge for boba or if you'd like your drink cold.

Everything you order is accompanied by soup. Every HK cafe has the same two choices of soup: vegetable or cream. I always choose the former.

This is K's favorite dish: baked pork chop with rice.


For my bachelorette party game, he was asked, "What would be your last meal on earth?" His answer: "Baked pork chop and rice with a iced lemon tea." The man is obviously easy to please.

Our other usual HK Cafe includes Cafe Spot (The lemon iced tea is awful here, but they make it for it with their Hong Kong pancakes.) and Red Ant Cafe (I used to like them much more than I do now.) 

It goes without saying that the food is not the highlight of these cafes but the comfort of knowing that you can walk into any one of them, get your usual drink and dish, and leave spending less than $10 per person is good enough for us.


WeezerMonkey said...

I think we're going to have to try some more Hong Kong cafes. Spending less than $10 per person is a great thing!

Winnie said...

How could you and the monkey not love hong kong cafes?? I remember going to these type of cafes in hk when I was a little girl. Yummm.

dapotato said...

i actually like hong kong cafes because of all the cantonese peeps i hung out with in high school. garden was one of our favorites back in the day for won ton mein, but it's gotten more expensive (still not bad, though) since the remodel.

you can always get decent chow fun or other noodles and leave with your stomach full and wallet not too much lighter.

wan-nabe said...

i've never been to one of these!

okay, let's trade. i'll give you the hat, you give me your best HK cafe. deal?