Thursday, August 28, 2008


I got the most hilarious email from #85 today. So funny that I have to post it here. 

"Hey Everyone,

I have a funny story. My college buddies and I are hiking Half Dome in Yosemite. So you know how it goes, we have to get everyone on the same page, make sure the flakers go, figure out car pool, camp site, etc. This involves the usual mass emails. One of our friends, G, was reluctant to go. He just got married, and we are harassing him because we think that maybe his wife isn't letter him go with us. It eventually comes out that he doesn't want to go because he thinks he can't make it up Half Dome. This is weird because in college he was a football/rugby player, so of course we are making fun of him even more.

At the same time, I'm kind of in charge of making sure that we are bringing the right stuff. So we have a parallel, more serious email conversation about it. Early this week, I emailed Jane about what we should expect besides the obvious. Jane replies to me with a list of stuff that we should know. So, I forward this list to my other friend, A, who is also in charge of making sure everyone knows not to wear italian dress shoes, etc.

My friend notices that the email was sent by one "Jane LastName."

So A, forwards Jane's email to G in an attempt to shame him into going and says, "Look, sucker, even #85's friend who is a little asian girl made it." (He's never met Jane, none of my friends have met Jane. He is just assuming that she's a little asian girl, which is true. You are very petite Jane.)

G replies saying, "I did a search on #85's friend." (He also works for google, so there is an on going joke about G being able to google things really well, which is kind of true.)

He says, "Does #85's friend look little to you?"

This picture was attached ...

So now everyone is asking me where I met Jane and how many push-ups she can do.

I tell them you can do 147 in a row.

hahah, sorry Jane.




wan-nabe said...

my eyes! yikes!

dapotato said...


i never imagined to see that combo of...ethnicity and muscle. (so racist of me, i know.)

Winnie said...

speechless. my eyes do not thank you.

venn said...

Jane, I know you got in shape for your wedding, but I had no idea the lengths you went to.

You're so much slimmer looking in person.

And younger.

And prettier.

Ivy said...

wowie! is that your new day job?