Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm a bad blogger. I'm good at bullet points and I don't do/eat enough interesting things to keep a blog going. I recently read that a blog should be consistent in a posting schedule and topic. This got me thinking about my own blog. I definitely want to post regularly and write about something. 

I'm addicted to design and stationery blogs. I will leave that arena to the experts.

I'm thinking of writing a blog about my daily interactions with children. But that would force me to stop reading my own blog.

This blog began as a chronicle of newly-wed life, but it's really not that interesting. It's like pre-married life with twice the laundry and half the bed space. I will, however, leave you with this random conversation I had with K about a week and a half ago while sitting in front of the TV:
K:  I've made some plans for Labor Day.
J: Oh? 
K: I'm going to play golf in the morning and learn to swim in the afternoon.
J: Uh ... ok. 

I didn't bring up the fact that it takes more than one afternoon to learn how to swim or that 26 years of trying to learn may be an indication of how that afternoon will turn out. This newly wed knows that support is important in a new union. This doesn't stop me from laughing at him every time I think about it. 

I apologize. That's funny to me.


Winnie said...

Too cute :) At least he's trying right? It's better than "eh, can I play Call of Duty 4?" that I hear every evening.

dapotato said...

haha cute. a union is also dependent upon honesty and humor. ;). the bear likes to remind me of my limitations and poke fun, which keeps it real, i guess. hmph.

yeah, i read the same things about blogging, but i don't care for my personal blog. i heeded them for my wedding blog, which obviously automatically had focus. i have no goals or aspirations for my personal blog except as a venting spot, a personal recording space, and to share with the few that care. i often do the bullet points and share lots of boring stuff about my life. :P

WeezerMonkey said...

He doesn't know how to swim?!

L.L. said...

girl you crack me up.
there's something very awesome about a wicked sense of humor.

wan-nabe said...

i don't know how to swim, either.