Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Today was my last full day in NYC. Bittersweet. I love New York, but I miss Louie and K very much. I haven't traveled without K (with the exception of some Vegas trips) since a Hawaii trip in '04. I'm a dependent sap.

Today we hit up the Met (I've never been!) and unexpectedly caught a fabulous exhibit, Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy. It showcased the influence that superhero costumes had on couture fashion, showing original costumes from superhero flicks alongside pieces right off the runway. Really fabulous.

After that, we took a walk through Central Park, something I've always wanted to do but never could since I'm always here during the freakish cold. Now I'm here in the humid heat. Still loved it.

We needed a break back at the apartment, and after that ventured out to Prospect Park to see Feist in concert. The only other outdoor concert I've been to was at the Hollywood Bowl and this was nothing like that. Hell, it was the first non-mainstream concert I've ever been to. The last one I would count as non-mainstream as Amy Grant (Don't let your laughter kill you), but she's definitely not indie. Come to think of it, Feist is crossing over as well. (The iPod commercial counts in my book.) It was great, casual fun until a downpour came and lasted for about 10 minutes. After that I just stood there, soaked, and enjoyed the music. As much as a person who had never heard of Feist could enjoy it. =)

If I had a list like Winnie's, I would have been able to check a couple of things off today.


WeezerMonkey said...

I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not a very warm person because I don't miss my husband like you or Wan does. It's a foreign concept to me. I think it would have to be months or at least weeks before I pined.

dapotato said...

oh i heart the met. i actually "worked" there for a few weeks (an externship, but hey, i actually did work on an exhibit).

wan-nabe said...

i'm loving that exhibit at the met!

and, as the monkey points out, i'd be missing the hub, too. i'm good with a night apart here and there, but when it's an extended separation, not so much.

Winnie said...

I'm so ridiculously slow when it comes to checking off my list. Sigh.

I'd watched a segment on TV about that exhibit and really wanted to go to the Met! You're so lucky to have seen it all in person :)

L.L. said...

woo, i heard about the superheroes exhibition.
omg, feist had a concert at prospect park?
come on now, anyone who's down to earth enough to have a concert in brooklyn must be a little indie.