Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I got my pretty, pretty iPhone this past Sunday (Day 3 since the launch). I actually visited different Apple stores on Friday and Saturday but determined that the wait was entirely too long for my liking. Tater had a fun write-up about her wait for the phone on Day 1.

When I got in line, the store was scheduled to close in 2.5 hours. One of the employees repeatedly told me that I probably wouldn't get it. I refused to listen to her because I had already committed that time to waiting for the phone and I even brought a book to kill time. I barely got in the store with about 15 minutes to spare. I wanted to find the pessimistic employee and shout, "How ya like me now?!" But I didn't.

I'm LOVING the phone. Having a .mac account helps because everything syncs via the internet so I can update everything without ever connecting the phone to the computer. 

Kevin is a blessed man. I picked him up a black one so he didn't have to wait for it. 10 points for this wife.

Escrow is due to close this week and once all the paperwork is signed and ready, we'll probably get the keys next week. We have some plans for renovations, so we won't be moving in right away, but just to have the keys will be enough for this girl who has lived at home all her life. 

So many things to squeal about! 


WeezerMonkey said...

10 points? More like 1,000 points!

dapotato said...

[squealing and jumping up and down right next to you!]

dude, you are the best wife.

yay for new place!

wan-nabe said...

so excited for your escrow closing!

and, so, SO jealousE of your new toys. wonderful wife, you are.

(don't ask me why i channeled yoda just now) said...

love it... I need to buy one too!!!

Jasmine said...

my heart is SO DARN HAPPY for you and k...i love you guys!!! and don't forget to make him carry you over the threshold! yes...yes, i know i'm cheesy! :) said...

Love the toys!

Winnie said...

Eeee how exciting re: new home! I really want an iphone but I love verizon too much.