Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I apologize that my poor writing skills led some folks to believe that I'm back in LA. I'm still in NYC. By "home", I meant my sister's home. Sorry! But it definitely would be interesting to see if I could actually squeeze a trip to NYC in one day.

I keep coming back to NYC because every time I come, I get to feel more like a local. I'm not rushing to do tourisy things and today was a fabulous day of walking through neighborhoods.

Today I ate:
- pastrami sandwich
- matzo ball soup
- hummingbird cupcake
At Grom
- gelato
At Financier (my FAVORITE coffee/pastry place in NYC)
- chocolate eclair
- berry cheesecake
- chocolate mousse macaron
- ceviche
- lump crab tostada
- flan

It's a good thing we walked a lot.


venn said...

That is quite the successful eating day! Well done!

dapotato said...


WeezerMonkey said...

I am no longer impressed by yesterday's post.

Winnie said...


wan-nabe said...

nice job. i loved eating my way through the city.