Sunday, July 6, 2008


I've been spending much of my time off from work in the non-internet world. It's been a lot of time at church or doing church-related things. I taking on some new responsibilities at church while slowly and painlessly relieving myself of my old responsibilities. I'm really excited and it's a great thing.

In my real job, however, it's not as great or exciting. It was supposed to be a year of much change, but nothing has worked out. As the possibility of doing the exact same thing for another year is becoming reality, I'm having a sort of a freak out. I'm frequenting or almost daily. I'm convinced that I'm not going to find my job on either of those sites.

So I'm going to NYC for four days. I got a cheap ticket and it'll be a good time of hanging out with my sister. I have no major plans except a meal at Porter House (A favorite of mine since I don't have to venture out to Brooklyn for Peter Lugar) and a concert in Brooklyn. Here's to hoping that a good time will encourage me to go back to a job that I can't quit soon enough.

I've recently fallen in love with the facebook iPhoto uploader and this discourages from uploading pictures onto this blog.


WeezerMonkey said...

Confession: I was not that impressed by Peter Luger. Blasphemy, I know.

dapotato said...

confession: every time i go, i can't drag my butt out to peter luger so still haven't tried it.

have a great time in NYC, and prayers for direction, wisdom, and i guess tolerance for another year at this same job.

venn said...

Confession: I have never heard of Peter Lugar.

I hope you have an amazing and clarifying time in NYC.

wan-nabe said...

confession: i only heard of peter lugar while watching a food marathon on travel channel two days ago.

i hope that the time away gives you a much-needed break, and that there's a silver lining somewhere in all the job-related stuff. i'm sending you prayers, too!

Winnie said...

Confession: I, too, have never heard of Peter Lugar. Have a fun time in NYC and hope things work themselves out work-wise!

L.L. said...

ugh yes. peter luger is unbelievably delicious.
lawry doesn't even come close (granted they serve diff cuts :P)
but i'll try porter house one day. once i land myself a sugar daddy.