Thursday, July 10, 2008


Off the plane awaiting luggage. Sat next to a girl who laughed out loud at the in-flight movie. Often. And loud enough to jar me from my sleep. She was also allergic to cheese and refused to drink water unless if it was bottled and cold. And there were babies galore on the flight. Crying, screaming babies.

Onto my next thing. I've been waiting for the iPhone. Since the first one came out. I was all ready to go get it tomorrow but now I'm debating whether I should wait for the 32g. I'm debating this as I type this on my sidekick with a cracked screen and had to be restarted twice today because the screen freezes up.

I think I will go tomorrow. But now I'm debating the time. Go at the crack of dawn? Go line up now (unlikely)? Go later tomorrow? Wait until the craze subsides and go on Sunday?

Damn. My luggage is still not here.


dapotato said...

that's my "next thing," too. i will probably go tomorrow afternoon sometime. hopefully the store i go to has the one i want. so iffy on where and when. bleh.

Winnie said...

The lazy me says to just wait for a week or so :)

Jasmine said...

Hope you got your iPhone...I guarantee you won't use all or even half of the 32g! :)
Hope all is well...and life is sweet!
Kiss Louis for me...and, okay, hug K for me too ;)

wan-nabe said...

32 gig?? i didn't know that was coming. well, at least, not anytime soon.

glad you arrived home safely. hope the luggage did, too. said...

You'll enjoy it so much. Hope you got it by now. :)