Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The joy of vacation is over. Today was my first day back to work. Working at a school is fabulous when no children are around. Summer School is extra fun because I get to leave by 1 P.M..

The iPhone tried to give me a heart attack by displaying a "No SIM card installed" message. After a few searches through google, I thought I'd have to make a trip to the AT&T store but I thought I'd try a tried and try method that I learned from my very first Nintendo: Pop the card out, blow into the slot, pop it back in. Worked like magic. Thanks, Nintendo!

I spent the weekend down in San Diego and attended my first live horse race at the Del Mar Race Rrack. Apparently, we missed Gwen Stefani by one day. I had only been to the Santa Anita Race Track for a picnic, and I was really surprised by how nice the Race Track is!

I was also surprised to see that some folks were having their child's first birthday party there, since I don't think the kid is allowed to gamble. I suppose when the kid is 1, it doesn't really matter what you do. NONE of my picks won, but it was a fun day.

Early days out of work = pictures on the blog! =)


dapotato said...

sounds nice...school without kids. ;)
LOVE that you used the nintendo trick on your SIM card. i will have to keep that in mind.

venn said...

I totally used to blow into the Nintendo game slot! You're genius for remembering that tactic.

WeezerMonkey said...

Del Mar is awesome!

Winnie said...

1st b-day party at the race track would make some memorial photos . . . I guess?

wan-nabe said...

i totally giggled at the nintendo pic. like you and the others, i used to use that trick too.

no way in hell would i have the bean's first birthday party at a race track, as nice as it may be.