Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Ok, ok. It's really over. I threw away two years' worth of Martha Stewart Weddings magazines. I don't watch her show and I don't subscribe to any other MS mags, but during wedding planning, I only purchased MS wedding mags. They were just so pretty, I couldn't help it. Even the ridiculous amount of money it would require to pull off a MS wedding couldn't shake my allegiance. Farewell, Martha. Farewell, wedding planning. It's been fun. =)

My BFFs and I hit up the OC Fair today. We go under the pretense of "seeing stuff" but it really means stuffing our faces. We succeeded.

I came home so full that I stayed up an extra hour to catch the rerun of Project Runway and to let my stomach digest. I had more pictures but for some reason, when I rotate them in Photobucket and save it as the original, that edit doesn't translate in the direct link in blogger. Boo. You'll just have to visualize the sausage dog, battered potatoes, turkey leg, corn dogs, chili cheese fries, corn, and sodas for yourselves. =)


WeezerMonkey said...

Then save as a copy and delete your originals? :)

The ONLY reason to go to the Fair is to eat. Good job!

Winnie said...

Yummm. Food at county fairs ALWAYS taste better.

dapotato said...


i hate martha but only bought her mags, too (and grace ormonde, which is even more expensive). i should have come got them. i need ideas for showers coming up soon.

wan-nabe said...

i bought every freaking bridal magazine in sight. heh.

and yes, there is no other reason to hit the fair other than to partake in various deep-fried foods on a stick. unless, of course, you own a show quality pig or something.