Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My BFFs have a picture in this month's Disney annual pass holder magazine. They ran in the half marathon last year and have a picture in an article about this year's half marathon. (We're running it this year also!) They're 3 chicks and 1 rooster who wore various character ears. Please provide a scan if you have it. They've all heard about it but none of them have been able to get a hand on it.

Unfortunately, employees don't get the magazine so K is of no help.



WeezerMonkey said...

I am SO not useful for this post.

BTW, I will send e-mail update when I get home. No access to Gmail at work.

saraphin said...

jane! i KNEW i recognized those girlies in the magazine!

i still have our copy (if D can find his, we'll have 2) and i can mail it to you or meet you somewhere so you can have 'em.

you can email me at saraphin916 at yahoo dot com

~ sara (or pinktrojanbride) ;)

venn said...

I'm sorry.
You lost me at "Disney annual pass holder."

And then it was all Greek to me.

dapotato said...

wait, k works for the mouse?

wan-nabe said...

ask me in about 3 years and i can help with that ;)

david santos said...

I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice week.