Thursday, June 5, 2008


Yes, I am. I'm joining in the strike tomorrow. It's the lamest "work stoppage" ever. My coworker (who is a union member) has been working on things all week to make sure that things run smoothly tomorrow (schedule, memos, etc.). Another coworker will set up the projector in the auditorium before the strike so that they can start the movie. It's more work to stop work than it is just to go to work! It's supposed to be a PITA for the district, not the union member. Boo! I've managed to type a memo and refuse to do any more. 

I was at the gym today (real preparation for Half Dome!) and as I was workin' on my fitness, one of the gym employees come and change the station on EVERY TV in the gym to the Laker game. I happened to be watching Obama on CNN and said, "Do you have to change the station on every TV?"

"It's the playoffs."

My thoughts: I know it's the playoffs, donkey. Do the playoff gods require all TVs to be on the game?
My actual response: "Oh."

*shakes fist at self*


dapotato said...

whoa, laker dedication. i didn't watch the game as the bear was screaming too loudly. and this man rarely screams.

i love that the strike is more work than work itself. good luck tomorrow.

mel said...

come on Jane, you could do better than that...=P

mel said...

oh, i mean about what you said to the Lakerfanbeyondobsession guy...Bob would have shown his pretty white teeth the whole time if he was there.

Winnie said...

I thought the point of the strike was to show that without teachers things would NOT run smoothly :)

10yearstogether said...

If you say you hate the Lakers the way I do, I'll be your BFF. Hee hee.

wan-nabe said...

wow. i can't believe you didn't give it to him, dude!