Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wedding #2

Going to a wedding after having my own has been a really fun experience. I notice more of the details and I've developed a whole new level of empathy and appreciation for the bride. This was my second wedding since becoming a Mrs., but the first one that I had the Mr. in tow.
Yesterday, we attended the wedding or Burger King and Polly Pocket. Burger King had been a friend of ours from the way back and though we don't talk or visit much anymore, he was kind enough to invite us. Unfortunately, we were horrible guests and skipped the ceremony since K had to work but made it to the reception at the San Gabriel Hilton. 

Since it was the day before Mother's Day, they took the time to recognize the mothers at the reception. All the guests received small jars of honey and the mothers received orange marmalade. 
This wedding had the most children I have ever seen at a reception. Children were running around EVERYwhere and you couldn't take more than 5 steps without nearly stepping on a child. You know I didn't take any pictures of the children.

I channeled my inner tater and paired my aqua earrings with a red dress. I look tall in this photo since Burger King, Polly Pocket, and K are regular Asian height and I had 3.5" heels on.


WeezerMonkey said...

Polly Pocket is the perfect name for that tiny little girl!

Winnie said...

Wow, even with 3.5 inch heels that bride is still really short in comparison to you :)

dapotato said... asians!

love the aqua earrings, of course. that's for the shoutout.

sub-regular-asian-height girl.

Jasmine said...

your bangs are SO FEROCHE!!! Love them!

wan-nabe said...

at 5'3", i'm one of "the tall ones" in my family. heh.

hey, the bride wore a yellow dress?