Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I don't visit the Chinese markets often anymore. I stopped going awhile ago for a few of reasons.

1) The people at the fish and meat counter wear gloves. However, they handle, butcher, weigh, bag, and hand you the fish/meat without ever removing the gloves. I understand now that the gloves are actually protection for them, not for me. This actually doesn't bother me that much since I secretly believe that I have a stomach of steel.

2) I've been nipped in the ankles and back with shopping carts by a couple of ladies who wanted to me to move out of the way. I partly think this is because they don't think I speak Chinese.

3) Several of the cashiers don't speak to me. They point to the screen to show me the price and they don't let me slide my own credit card. They turn the push pad away from me and take the card out of my hand. I think this is for the same reason as in #2. I can usually avoid this if I begin the exchange with a hearty "hello" in Cantonese. This fails if the cashier only speaks Mandarin. Then, we must revert back to our Lucy and Harpo Marx routine.

All in all, my experiences at the market are hit and miss, but I keep going back for the snacks. Nothing beats the variety of snacks at a Chinese market. I went to Ranch 99 today to get fish and shrimp. I came out with fish and shrimp + shrimp chips + watermelon seeds + dried sour plums + dried squid + seaweed.

They're damn good. 



WeezerMonkey said...

Mr. Monkey loves dried sour plums.

I...do not. ;)

wan-nabe said...

i brave the asian markets for the shrimp chips and wide selection of pocky, and that is all.

dapotato said...

i am sadly too far from most asian stores now to frequent them, even for snacks.

Winnie said...

Ditto tater. Must stalk up the next time I go.