Saturday, May 10, 2008


I just got some pictures that I took on Bob's camera of my BFF, Louie. I got Louie as a gift for graduation and he is as loyal and as loving as mutts come. He thinks he's human and I've given him many reasons to believe so. He sleeps on the bed, watches TV on the couch, and eats whenever he wants. He doesn't come when I call him and when he does, it's usually for food or a rub down.

Louie loves raw vegetables and all types of fruit. He sleeps for about 20 hours out of the day, and actually has breakouts (See? Human!).

I love my Louie.


WeezerMonkey said...

He likes raw veggies and fruit?! So funny. :)

We should have a doggie GTG.

Even though I have no doggie.

dapotato said...

such a cute mutt!

our family dog loves fruit but only sniffs the veggies and then disdainfully walks away.

i'd bring her to a doggie GTG, but she hates other dogs due to the fact (yes, fact) that she is queen of the human world.

Winnie said...

Aww cute! I didn't know doggies eat veggies and fruit.

wan-nabe said...

i seriously grinned at these pictures.

my molly, god love her, is stupid and terrified of other dogs. i'd have to settle for bringing a cardboard cut-out of her to a doggie GTG.