Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Da Bomb

I picked up our CD of pictures from SnappyJoe today! He was kind enough to join us and take pictures at the rehearsal and was basically my mother's on-call photog on the day of the wedding. Thank you, SnappyJoe, Mrs. SnappyJoe, and BabySnap! 

My bridal shower gift from my bridesmaids: customized Chucks with my new initials in the wedding colors. I actually wear them to work on Fridays. Da bomb.

Yes, we wore the ears. We (read: I) love the Mouse that much. He's da bomb.

Bridesmaid gifts. Marc Jacobs clutches for everyone. Me = da bomb.

My mother. The picture doesn't do the outfit justice. It doesn't capture the sparkle of every single sequin that COVERED her dress. I'm also sorry that we didn't capture a decent picture of her first outfit of the day. But we did manage to get a shot of the pink-tinted glasses that she purchased just for the wedding. I'm extra sorry that this picture also doesn't capture the length of the skirt or the black knee high boots that her friend is wearing. I am praying that the wraps are faux. 

My mother is clearly da bomb.


WeezerMonkey said...

MJ for everyone?! You ARE da bomb!

wan-nabe said...

those chucks are totally da bomb.

as are those sequins. and the rose tinted glasses.

and, of course, you and the MJ gifts. nice job, hag ;)

dapotato said...

WAIT. why wasn't i a bridesmaid again???

cute chucks. awesome clutches. awesome mom. awesome everything.

MissMissy said...

I love, love, love the picture of your bridesmaids getting the gifts. Too cute!!! You are da bomb!

Jasmine said...

ahhhh, to be a bridesmaid at your ALMOST would have been as cool as being your photographer! ;)

Mark Brooke Photography said...

these look great :)

Winnie said...

Hmph, I should have been your bridesmaid too. Cute shoes!