Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I just discovered craigslist. I had known about it, but never actually searched on it. I've been furniture hunting for fun and found this. I think it's adorable. The only thing that holds me back from fully diving in and shopping is meeting strangers. And the thought of picking up furniture wears me out.

I've also been thinking about visiting the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I'm worried about going and getting majorly disappointed. Waking up early to be disappointed is not my cup of tea.

I'm furniture hunting for a comfy reading chair in a funky pattern. Kinda like this, but with a different fabric. And I don't want to pay a month's rent for it. Sigh.


dapotato said...

used upholstery grosses me out, unfortunately.

and flea market shopping is really hit or miss, which i don't have the patience for.

i love craigslist for apartments. for everything else, not so much. just beware...lotsa weirdos.

dapotato said...

oh, and i'm probably one of those weirdos.

Winnie said...

I don't like anything used in general :X

wan-nabe said...

i'm not that great with anything used, either :( even from peeps i know.

we settled on stuff from ikea - cheap, cute, practical. ha!