Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Happy belated birthday to the Husband! I would have posted this earlier except that I've been waiting for the millions of pictures I took on Bob's (of melbob) camera. Before the festivities completely fizzle in my memory, here's what went down:

- Saturday: Sports Day at church. I ran from my house to the church (about 5.5 miles). Played 2 minutes of ultimate frisbee and spent the rest of the time taking portraits for eHarmony profiles and Louie and his new potential BFF. Hours later, Mr. Gym asks me to join him in a run from the church to The Hat (about 1.5 miles). biggest. mistake. ever. I barely made it and running at a pace that would make my grandmother laugh. Could barely eat at the Hat after the run. (damn me.)

K went to pick up the groceries for his big birthday dinner. Yes, he went to get the groceries for his own party on his own birthday. Me = best wife eva. The menu: salmon cakes (Thanks, Lorine!), paella, clam bake (Thanks, venn!), steamed fish, stir fry crab, and chinese veggies. Everything was pretty decent for a first-time effort.

- Sunday: Husband's actual date of birth. Is it me or do boys generally not make a big hoopla about their bdays? I like to celebrate my birthdays for the entire month but K was much more low key and didn't even want to do anything since we had the dinner on Saturday. Ended up watching Iron Man with a bunch of friends in the evening. I give the movie one thumb up. It's your typical superhero movie and it's pretty fun, but I thought there would be more action. There is a little snippet at the tail end of the credits. If you're into the whole comic book thing and are informed about all the various characters and stories, you may want to stay and catch it.

We had a late dinner at Pheonix Food Boutique to wrap up the evening.

- Monday: Went to the Alicia Keys concert! Grabbed a quick bite a Shakas with Greenpeace and was able to make it in time to catch Jordin Sparks and Neyo. A Keys is so fabulous live and there didn't even seem to be a lull in her entire show. She just kept playing and playing. I loved it.

The girl we sat next to was so drunk. She was the girl that you could hear throughout the entire arena. She screamed for every single song. It actually upped for fun factor for me watching her go crazy so I didn't mind.


wan-nabe said...

ooooh, the hat. you just helped me figure out where to take the kid for lunch today.

the hub doesn't do his birthday, either. i think it's a boy thing. oh, well. i always make up for his lack of interest when it's MY birthday month.

yes, month.

Winnie said...

Wow, you made all those dishes for one meal?? I'm impressed. I miss pheonix food boutique. Yum.

dapotato said...

the hat!
alicia keys!

yeah, the boys i know don't really like celebrating their bdays, either.