Thursday, May 29, 2008


You've seen the draft already but yesterday, we got our wedding album in the mail! Words cannot describe how happy it makes me feel to have those thick pages between my fingers. Page after page of memories immortalized into our own little piece of history - makes me swoon and drool, all at the same time. It is SO gorgeous but you can see for yourself here. A thousand hugs and kisses go out to the uber-fabulous Jasmine Star. She's as awesome as Johnny Rocket's chili cheese fries. Perhaps even more awesome. ;)

This is bitter sweet because it means that my bride experience is coming closer and closer in an end. In a few months, I'll receive my video from Elysium and then it'll be completely and utterly over. *tear* What I miss most is orchestrating an entire day's worth of events and having an entire army of people ready to execute my plan of attack. It's a lot like being a classroom teacher. Or President of the United States. Whatever.

Congratulations Lakers! Thanks for bringing such joy into K's life. This makes my job as wife much easier.


WeezerMonkey said...

Welcome to true hagdom.

I love that you have your album, and I still haven't selected my pictures nearly two years after my wedding.

dapotato said...

back in the day, if we had a date on a laker game night, i'd be praying SO hard for them to win. date was no fun at all if they didn't.

at this rate, i will never have a wedding album.

Winnie said...

I still haven't given my videographer my feedback on the draft . . . and he sent me a final email warning me about my laziness :X

And it's not even like I want to drag out my bridal experience. I'm just lazy.

wan-nabe said...

yup, you win. our wedding is coming up on 3 years old and we're no closer to even formatting our album than we were before.

go lakers!

Jasmine said...

hey, i have an idea...why don't you and kevin get married AGAIN and we can have more fun?! :)

venn said...

After reading all of these comments, I feel MUCH better about not choosing my photos yet. I now realize that YOU are the strange one. were always the better twin. Fo sho.