Thursday, May 29, 2008


You've seen the draft already but yesterday, we got our wedding album in the mail! Words cannot describe how happy it makes me feel to have those thick pages between my fingers. Page after page of memories immortalized into our own little piece of history - makes me swoon and drool, all at the same time. It is SO gorgeous but you can see for yourself here. A thousand hugs and kisses go out to the uber-fabulous Jasmine Star. She's as awesome as Johnny Rocket's chili cheese fries. Perhaps even more awesome. ;)

This is bitter sweet because it means that my bride experience is coming closer and closer in an end. In a few months, I'll receive my video from Elysium and then it'll be completely and utterly over. *tear* What I miss most is orchestrating an entire day's worth of events and having an entire army of people ready to execute my plan of attack. It's a lot like being a classroom teacher. Or President of the United States. Whatever.

Congratulations Lakers! Thanks for bringing such joy into K's life. This makes my job as wife much easier.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I attended my first charity event tonight, supporting the Pacific Asia Museum. It was an event sponsored by NAPA, a network organization for Asians and Pacific Islanders in the entertainment industry. 

It was a cocktail event with yummy food and fabulous sake tasting. However, the best part of the evening was the raffle and the gift bag. With one raffle ticket, I won 5 blue ray discs: Enter the Dragon, TMNT, 300, The Last Samurai, Dirty Harry, and Scooby Doo. Unfortunately, I don't even own a blue ray disc player.

In one gift bag I received: the Speed Racer Wii game, 2 DVDs (Bridge to Terabithia, The Greatest Game Ever Played), a Ratatouille t-shirt, a manga book, among other movie paraphanilia. 

All this for a $15 donation. Freakin' rad.

Now to a charitable of a personal nature. I understand that Sex and the City is coming out this week, but I will not be watching it. Not until mid-June. As a testament to the fact that I'm the bestest and most loyal friend ever, I'm waiting until I can get together with my BFFs to watch it - and that isn't until mid-June. Until then, please refrain from sharing any trailers, spoilers, story lines, fashion references, and pretty much anything that will remind me of the fact that I'm missing the movie of the moment, thankyouverymuch. *crawls under a rock to hide*

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I don't visit the Chinese markets often anymore. I stopped going awhile ago for a few of reasons.

1) The people at the fish and meat counter wear gloves. However, they handle, butcher, weigh, bag, and hand you the fish/meat without ever removing the gloves. I understand now that the gloves are actually protection for them, not for me. This actually doesn't bother me that much since I secretly believe that I have a stomach of steel.

2) I've been nipped in the ankles and back with shopping carts by a couple of ladies who wanted to me to move out of the way. I partly think this is because they don't think I speak Chinese.

3) Several of the cashiers don't speak to me. They point to the screen to show me the price and they don't let me slide my own credit card. They turn the push pad away from me and take the card out of my hand. I think this is for the same reason as in #2. I can usually avoid this if I begin the exchange with a hearty "hello" in Cantonese. This fails if the cashier only speaks Mandarin. Then, we must revert back to our Lucy and Harpo Marx routine.

All in all, my experiences at the market are hit and miss, but I keep going back for the snacks. Nothing beats the variety of snacks at a Chinese market. I went to Ranch 99 today to get fish and shrimp. I came out with fish and shrimp + shrimp chips + watermelon seeds + dried sour plums + dried squid + seaweed.

They're damn good. 


Monday, May 26, 2008


In a couple of weeks, I will be hiking Half Dome. I'm not a nature person and I normally do not subject myself to these types of activities. However, it does seem like something I should do before I die, so I'm doing it. 

Since I'm not looking forward to the all-day hike, doing my business outside, or eating jerky for lunch, I made the most of this trip the best way I know how: shopping. K and I hit up REI, Sports Chalet, and Big 5 to gather all of the gear we will need for the trip. And by gear I mean a new outfit for me.

It's not my usual style, but it'll do for the trip. I don't understand the laces on the trail running shoes.

Otherwise, this has been a fabulous weekend of eating. A dinner at Lucille's, 2 BBQs, and an unexpected visit to El Taurino. I will be full for the rest of the week.

I leave you with photos from Benji San and Skinny Mini's wedding that took place a week ago. My camera puked all over their wedding details so I don't have any of those to post. 
Since we had a 3 hour break in between the ceremony and reception, I made some new friends.

Hope your weekend was fabulous!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Da Bomb

I picked up our CD of pictures from SnappyJoe today! He was kind enough to join us and take pictures at the rehearsal and was basically my mother's on-call photog on the day of the wedding. Thank you, SnappyJoe, Mrs. SnappyJoe, and BabySnap! 

My bridal shower gift from my bridesmaids: customized Chucks with my new initials in the wedding colors. I actually wear them to work on Fridays. Da bomb.

Yes, we wore the ears. We (read: I) love the Mouse that much. He's da bomb.

Bridesmaid gifts. Marc Jacobs clutches for everyone. Me = da bomb.

My mother. The picture doesn't do the outfit justice. It doesn't capture the sparkle of every single sequin that COVERED her dress. I'm also sorry that we didn't capture a decent picture of her first outfit of the day. But we did manage to get a shot of the pink-tinted glasses that she purchased just for the wedding. I'm extra sorry that this picture also doesn't capture the length of the skirt or the black knee high boots that her friend is wearing. I am praying that the wraps are faux. 

My mother is clearly da bomb.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We recently received out marriage license so we're official! Jane and K for-eva!

I had plans to change my name this week and even took some time from work to drive over to the Social Security office - only to realize that I had forgotten to fill in some information that I needed from home the night before. I then drove over to the DMV (just down the street) with no appointment thinking that it would be bearable on a Tuesday afternoon. The line was out the door.

Obviously there are forces out there trying to foil my plans, other than my forgetfulness. 

No worries. I should be Jane Middle Maiden Married Name by the end of this week!


I just discovered craigslist. I had known about it, but never actually searched on it. I've been furniture hunting for fun and found this. I think it's adorable. The only thing that holds me back from fully diving in and shopping is meeting strangers. And the thought of picking up furniture wears me out.

I've also been thinking about visiting the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I'm worried about going and getting majorly disappointed. Waking up early to be disappointed is not my cup of tea.

I'm furniture hunting for a comfy reading chair in a funky pattern. Kinda like this, but with a different fabric. And I don't want to pay a month's rent for it. Sigh.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


They don't pay me enough for days like this. I was punked by a kindergartener today.

I was doing my usual lunch patrol, walking up and down the lunch pavilion like an officer doing her nightly checks at the county jail. Walkie talkie in hand, I look over the sea of children silently eating their food. There is no talking allowed in the lunch pavilion. 

My peaceful pavilion crumbled when a parent volunteer yelled, "GET OFF THE TABLE!!" My eyes dart over to see one of the parents yelling at a kindergartner who is sprawled out on top of one of the lunch tables.

I walk over thinking I could de-escalate the situation. Instead, I was bitten and scratched with a tetanus shot to show for it. Long story short, in order to keep the child from causing further harm to herself or others, I had to physically pick her up and bring her to the office. She took a bite out of me and dragged her nails up and down my forearm while en route to the office. I was bleeding and since she broke skin, the school nurse and other co-workers suggested that I get a tetanus shot. 

It took everything inside me to not lash out at her. I kept repeating to myself, "She's the child, you're the adult. She's 5 years old." Instead, I let her help me by handing me bandages and tissues as the nurse was cleaning me up. 

Here was a child who doesn't know how to handle anger and if I don't give her a way to rectify the situation, she'll just always choose anger without the tools to make the situation right. 

I'm not going to lie. I cursed the little girl out in my head while my doctor was administering the tetanus shot. I'm cursing her out now, as site of the injection is growing sore. 

But I will go back to work tomorrow.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wedding #2

Going to a wedding after having my own has been a really fun experience. I notice more of the details and I've developed a whole new level of empathy and appreciation for the bride. This was my second wedding since becoming a Mrs., but the first one that I had the Mr. in tow.
Yesterday, we attended the wedding or Burger King and Polly Pocket. Burger King had been a friend of ours from the way back and though we don't talk or visit much anymore, he was kind enough to invite us. Unfortunately, we were horrible guests and skipped the ceremony since K had to work but made it to the reception at the San Gabriel Hilton. 

Since it was the day before Mother's Day, they took the time to recognize the mothers at the reception. All the guests received small jars of honey and the mothers received orange marmalade. 
This wedding had the most children I have ever seen at a reception. Children were running around EVERYwhere and you couldn't take more than 5 steps without nearly stepping on a child. You know I didn't take any pictures of the children.

I channeled my inner tater and paired my aqua earrings with a red dress. I look tall in this photo since Burger King, Polly Pocket, and K are regular Asian height and I had 3.5" heels on.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I just got some pictures that I took on Bob's camera of my BFF, Louie. I got Louie as a gift for graduation and he is as loyal and as loving as mutts come. He thinks he's human and I've given him many reasons to believe so. He sleeps on the bed, watches TV on the couch, and eats whenever he wants. He doesn't come when I call him and when he does, it's usually for food or a rub down.

Louie loves raw vegetables and all types of fruit. He sleeps for about 20 hours out of the day, and actually has breakouts (See? Human!).

I love my Louie.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I paid my last and final visit to the dentist for the fillings today. All 12+ cavities (I suspect there are about 13 or 14 but I've never actually counted) are all filled with pretty resin fillings. It's almost strange to see no trace of silver in my mouth. My jaw is sore from stretching my mouth open for the hour-long procedure. I have to go back next month for my cleaning, but after that I won't have to see him for 6 months!

Since WeezerMonkey's post made me drool, I took K to Taihei for a belated b-day dinner. (Though K's not into celebrating, I fully intend on stretching out the activities as long as possible.) Taihei is good for a quick fix of Japanese, but its definitely no Sai Sai. If you go after 8 P.M., the portions of fish get noticeably larger as they are trying to use up their fish before they close at 9 P.M.. I treated myself to yellow tail collar and soft shell crab in addition to my usual list of sushi (tuna, yellow tail, salmon, and salmon skin handroll) in honor of K's birthday. In honor of my gluttony, actually.

Also got the disc of digital negatives of our wedding from Jasmine today! (The girl is quick!)


Here's a draft of our wedding album!!

All pictures by Jasmine Star and album layout is by Amy of Albumesque.

I'm so happy that this prolongs my wedding experience just a little bit longer.


Happy belated birthday to the Husband! I would have posted this earlier except that I've been waiting for the millions of pictures I took on Bob's (of melbob) camera. Before the festivities completely fizzle in my memory, here's what went down:

- Saturday: Sports Day at church. I ran from my house to the church (about 5.5 miles). Played 2 minutes of ultimate frisbee and spent the rest of the time taking portraits for eHarmony profiles and Louie and his new potential BFF. Hours later, Mr. Gym asks me to join him in a run from the church to The Hat (about 1.5 miles). biggest. mistake. ever. I barely made it and running at a pace that would make my grandmother laugh. Could barely eat at the Hat after the run. (damn me.)

K went to pick up the groceries for his big birthday dinner. Yes, he went to get the groceries for his own party on his own birthday. Me = best wife eva. The menu: salmon cakes (Thanks, Lorine!), paella, clam bake (Thanks, venn!), steamed fish, stir fry crab, and chinese veggies. Everything was pretty decent for a first-time effort.

- Sunday: Husband's actual date of birth. Is it me or do boys generally not make a big hoopla about their bdays? I like to celebrate my birthdays for the entire month but K was much more low key and didn't even want to do anything since we had the dinner on Saturday. Ended up watching Iron Man with a bunch of friends in the evening. I give the movie one thumb up. It's your typical superhero movie and it's pretty fun, but I thought there would be more action. There is a little snippet at the tail end of the credits. If you're into the whole comic book thing and are informed about all the various characters and stories, you may want to stay and catch it.

We had a late dinner at Pheonix Food Boutique to wrap up the evening.

- Monday: Went to the Alicia Keys concert! Grabbed a quick bite a Shakas with Greenpeace and was able to make it in time to catch Jordin Sparks and Neyo. A Keys is so fabulous live and there didn't even seem to be a lull in her entire show. She just kept playing and playing. I loved it.

The girl we sat next to was so drunk. She was the girl that you could hear throughout the entire arena. She screamed for every single song. It actually upped for fun factor for me watching her go crazy so I didn't mind.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I love to start projects. Usually, I don't follow through far enough to actually finish any of them. Here's just a few: I've scribbled snippets of a children's book tailored for Asian-American girls. I have a sketch book of greeting card designs. I have enough scrapbook supplies to adequately scrap my entire life (I have 2 years of it done so far). I've tried to play the guitar and I'd like to put down new flooring in my house - all by myself (I finished one room).

You'd think this would discourage me from starting new projects. It doesn't.

Ikea Hacker and Project Runway has sparked a desire to learn to sew. At minimum, I'd love to learn how to use a sewing machine. I saw some classes listed on Apartment Therapy but those don't fit into my schedule. I'm too scared of poking myself to death to teach myself. Sigh.

I think this project just ended.