Tuesday, April 1, 2008

You gotta whistle while you work!

Today was a tough day at work.

After school, a student who used to attend our school came on campus today and beat up a current student. It wasn't a planned altercation (the two didn't know each other) and I'm not sure of the details but apparently, the older student landed a couple of punches and pulled some hair. This doesn't happen everyday at school, but it definitely isn't rare. Usually we handle the situation: discipline the students, suspend if necessary, and inform parents of what took place.

But today, all hell broke loose. The parent called the police and demanded an ambulance. She cursed out the office staff and administration, and called us racist. The fact that the students were of two different races is like dynamite powder waiting for just the right spark. 

The police ended up arresting the older student. They walked her through the school, handcuffed, to the car. The ambulance came and treated the younger student. 

The older student is 12 and the younger student is 10. I got extremely depressed. I can only imagine how an experience like this shapes your view of people. What goes through your mind while you're being treated by an EMT or being led away in handcuffs and your parent is berating the school staff with racial epithets?

It's not the low pay that keeps people out of the profession. It's the feeling of powerlessness as children are being shaped for the rest of their lives that makes me want to quit. 


WeezerMonkey said...

Oh, man. When I was in junior high, these two boys from rival gangs were fighting, and a teacher tried to break up the fight.

They ended up beating up the teacher.


Don't break up fights!

dapotato said...

:(. sorry to hear. very, very sad.