Thursday, April 3, 2008


For the past week, I had been waking up before my alarm clock. I was losing about 15-20 minutes of sleep each morning but I feel so awake that I can't help but get out of bed.
I realized it's actually wearing me down because last night I crashed at 9:45 and barely woke up when the alarm went off at 6am this morning.

Waking up at 6am in unnatural. The sun isn't even up. The human body shouldn't be forced to wake up without natural light. Reason #123940918 to quit my job.

I've been yawning all day. This is unfortunate because for awhile there I thought I was Superwoman. I was getting to work way early and feeling really good about myself.

This particularly entry should have been helpful in helping you fall asleep. G'nite.


WeezerMonkey said...

In contrast, I woke up forty minutes after I intended and was a frazzled mess this morning.

dapotato said...

i should wake up at 5:15, but my body just can't. i usually wake up at 5:45 instead and am frazzled as i run out the door at 6. yuck. i feel your pain.