Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Moody, Molars, and More

My job has become less and less about children and more and more about pushing papers. Today, I spent all day scrolling through the scores of 500+ children to figure out who is "on track" to passing the California Standards Test. For what? So we can "target" them. The test in 18 school days. Yea, good luck kids.

I made my third trip back to the dentist today to change the fillings. One more to go. I attempted to take a picture for y'all but the camera ran out of juice just when I was snapping a second shot. Must be a sign. It's actually really amazing for me to see my own teeth without the silver fillings as I've had them all since about the age of 10.

GreenPeace, Marathon, Whisperer, and I hit up The Boiling Crab tonight. When we left for dinner, my mouth was still recovering from the anesthesia. Two hours later! This was one of the few instances I actually hoped for a wait at this restaurant so that my mouth would be ready to fulfill its duty. Of course, there was no wait and we even found a parking spot right in the tiny lot.

I haven't been to The Boiling Crab in several months but the food seemed to be significantly better this time around. It was pretty tasty before but there is now a better use of spices and just tastier overall. We had the shrimp, lobster, crab, oysters, regular fries, and sweet potato fries. Loved it all. The Gluttony Award goes to the couple who was already eating when we got there and was still eating when we left. They totally beat us. The four of us.


WeezerMonkey said...

OMG. We totally would be that couple.

Venn said...

I still need to go to this place. Please take me with you next time. And then leave me there, because you guys obviously don't have the boiling crab eating stamina that I do.

Winnie said...

[whispering] why didn't you change the fillings before the wedding? :)

I cannot wait til summertime so I can go to Maryland for some blue crabs. Yummmmm.

dapotato said...