Saturday, April 5, 2008

If only I had a camera

Upon our return from Paris, K returned the camera he had purchased from Costco for the trip. We bought it last minute before the trip and decided it wasn't a good enough camera to keep. Luckily, Costco's fabulous return policy allows you to do this sort of thing.

This post would be much more visually interesting, if only I had a camera. Or even a decent camera phone. But here's the ghetto, bulleted version:

- I went bowling last night and bowled an awesome 91. *chuckle* (Insert picture of score board.)
- Took a trip to Pink's and had the bacon burrito dog. (insert picture of burrito dog.) My friends decided it would be to their economic advantage to bring their own drinks. Not a stop at starbucks or whatever, but a run to the supermarket for a 12-pack and some water type of drinks. For 12 people. True to my Berkeley roots, I became extremely indignant at this (something about supporting and respecting small business owners), and purchased a lemonade in silent protest. (Insert picture of lemonade.) Power to the people.

- Have to work on Saturday mornings for the next month. Saturday School is held for all students who are below grade level, which is a majority of the school. Should be some fabulous fun. (Insert picture of my sad, dreary face on Saturday morning.)

That is all.


dapotato said...

drinks aren't even that expensive at pink's! good for you and the lemonade. although, i am so cheap i might have joined in if someone else were doing the gallavanting around to get the drinks.

WeezerMonkey said...

I've been a wreck without my iPhone camera. (It's on the fritz again -- argh.) I also need a nice tiny point-and-shoot.