Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Chew, Swallow, Repeat.

My stomach is clearly in post-wedding mode. I ate like I hadn't eaten in years:
- english muffin
- goldfish crackers. Constantly.
- 3 slices of cake (Hey, we had 2 birthdays at work today.)
- 2 bowls of Italian Wedding Soup (meatballs, beans, pasta, and some other stuff...)
All before 1pm.

For dinner, Greenpeace Bridesmaid, Marathon Bridesmaid, Bridesmaid Whisperer, and I hit up Mahan near Garfield and Main in Alhambra. The restaurant is deceptively large and if you look in from Garfield Ave., it often looks empty. None of us had ever tried it or heard of any reviews, nor had we ever even seen a person eat there, but we decided to try it. We're either brave or very, very stupid. To continue my mission to eat all that I can today, I had the mixed grill with 2 types of chicken and lamb kabobs. Others had various meats and curries and we shared vegetable samosas and naan. Yum. It turned out to be pretty good, though I prefer this place near Old Town Pasadena more (name escapes me.)

Less than 2 hours later, I'm ready to eat again. There is hagen daaz in the fridge and I'm not sure I have the power to resist it. I can literally hear my stomach begging for mercy.

I'm sure I'll be receiving a phone call from my trainer soon. I told her I'd call her when I returned from Paris, but I just haven't been able to find the will power to do so. There's really no reason to work so hard now that I don't have to squeeze myself into a white dress. She's going to try to convince me to keep up with the workouts 4 times a week. Bless her crazy little heart.


WeezerMonkey said...

Eat! Eat! Eat! Bwahahahaha!

mel said...

you're too funny jane...anyway, I finally got around to updating our blog so check it out...=P

MissJordyPants said...

Are you reading my mind? I can't keep my hands off food and am currently considering never going back to the gym.

Must find new motivation.

dapotato said...

4 times a week? forget it. just continue eating. it's rude to talk/call with your mouth full, after all.