Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Being married means joint finances for this happy couple.

After one of those Wasted Weekends, we really did sit down and talk - generally - about our finances. K found Expense Register, a site that allows you to record your spending I have no idea what happens after that. I've been told that my sole responsibility is to record my spending on that site. We are barely starting to track our spending so that we can set a realistic budget together.

We're unsure of what our living situation will be in the near future, but in preparation for this impending doom of home ownership, whenever it may come, I've actually been bargain hunting. Not quite the coupon clipping, Walmart shopper yet, but I'm staying away from places that should be, and are, out of my budget. (I'll miss you, Saks, Bloomies, Fred Segal ... ) Don't be mistaken, I'm a regular outlet shopper and love Loehmann's dearly. I just have to cut out "splurges" that were becoming more and more of a habit than a treat, if we're ever going to get serious about moving out. K has never overtly asked me to stop but just looking at the numbers on my own, I feel the heavy weight coming down on my shoulders. I realized I'm not one of the Hilton sisters and will never be.

Yesterday, I stood at Trader Joe's trying to decide between the organic and regular milk. This was a non issue before our budget conversation, but there was a $3 - $4 price different between the two and I really struggled with that. I went with the regular milk. That made me slightly sad, I'll admit. I've decided that I can take away designer duds but the food must stay.

There must be a balance between being a responsible shopper and obsessing over a $3 - $4 difference between organic and regular milk.

On the happy side, I found a fabulous outfit for a wedding this weekend for under $40, accessories included. Gold star for this little shopper!

There is no need to tell me that I am coming off as a complete jerk given the starving children, third-world countries, etc.. I'm well aware of my own stupidity. It's something I'm working through, thankyouverymuch.


WeezerMonkey said...

If you ever want to feel overly extravagant about your purchases, you should visit the Nest Money Matters board. I like hanging out there sometimes to have some sense slapped into me.

Winnie said...

I won't go into how many starving children that dress could have fed. I kid, I kid :) Awareness is the first step to a bright financial future so good luck to ya!

dapotato said...

yay for first steps! [we still haven't really looked at the numbers together yet.]

oh, and i justify buying organic milk because it keeps longer. we always throw out at least half of the regular milk. ;)