Sunday, April 13, 2008


It was a fun and busy weekend. I didn't get to do any of the things I wanted to do, but there's always next weekend.

I went to a bridal shower (4 hours, 3 quizzes, and a giant bustier cake) on Saturday and when it came time to give marital advice, as a newly wed, I actually had some things I wanted to say:
1. Leave your husband alone when he's watching football.
2. Things will go wrong at your wedding but God willing, you'll only focus on and remember the good stuff.
3. Things in the bedroom are awkward at first, but they'll get better.  
I received mixed reviews on this last comment. I'm only speaking from experience. Sorry. TMI.  
Saturday night was dinner with the in-laws at Black Angus for the brother's birthday. Extremely disappointing in both food and service. But it's Black Angus, what did I expect?

On Sunday after church and post-church activities, I was determined to do something I wanted to do. I had wanted to cut my hair but am currently looking for a new stylist so didn't know where to go. I also wanted to go shopping for a couple of weddings coming up. Since I didn't have time to do any of those things before K's weekly basketball game, I decided on a pedicure.

I made the trip to Burke Williams in Pasadena only to find that they didn't have any slots available. (Of course I could've called before I went but that would make too much sense.) I scoured my mind trying to remember nail salon recs that I had read from Wan or WeezerMonkey and I recalled Dashing Diva. Sadly, I couldn't remember if it was a negative or positive review. It was only after I had already went in, chosen my nail color, and dipped my feet into the water that I remembered that WeezerMonkey had said that the polish was sub-par. Oh well. At least my toes are painted and I was generally pleased with the service and environment.

Sunday brought a wonderful surprise. We were able to see Mr. and Mrs. SnappyJoe. They have the pictures of the rehearsal dinner and the wedding ready for us to see and a gift! Hooray for more wedding stuff. After scanning through 1000+ uber-fabulous pictures from Jasmine, you'd think I'd be over looking at myself. Not this self-loving hag. Another wonderful thing about seeing the SnappyJoes is meeting up with Baby Snap. He's has such a great disposition and will actually allow me to hold him. Most babies cry at the sight of my approach. He's a cool dude in my book. 


WeezerMonkey said...

'Twas a mixed bag re Dashing Diva.
Wan says yay.
I say nay.

mel said...

I was gonna tell had the guts to even say #3, but you go girl! =P actually, I heard that advice from someone before...I think it went something like this..."It's not like the movies..." so true, so true. As for #1, I'm still learning to let him watch basketball...

Winnie said...

Please add:

1a. Also applicable to video game time.

dapotato said...

TMI! i keed. it's your blog. you say what you want.

at least your mom didn't give you a book called "the gift of sex," which you unwrapped along with some skimpy lingerie she also put in the bag, at your shower, in front of everyone. yes, it's a christian book. no, i have not read it. yes, i am embarassed yet it sits on my nightstand.

1b. also applicable to his sports leagues. just don't go. it's boring to watch mid-twenties to middle-aged men play, he'll choke because he knows you're watching, you'll cramp his post-game guy time, and you'll regret not using that time to go to burke williams then dashing divas.

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