Friday, March 28, 2008

The wedding hangover

"I'm not a bride anymore. I'm just someone's wife." - Monica, Friends

The post-wedding madness is nearly as crazy as the pre-wedding session. In a scrabble to get everything done before work on Monday, I went on a errand rampage today:
- Dropped off dry cleaning
- Picked up gown from cleaners
- Dropped off foam peanuts for recycling (Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn: there HAS to be a better way.)
- Return duplicate items from registry. (The lady at PB gave me a bit of 'tude because I didn't have the packing slip with an item. Pul-lease lady. It's in your damn computer. Under registry.)
- Doctor's appointment.
- Deposited more wedding gifts at the bank

This was only my half. K had his own list.

We're also in a the transition of moving K into the house. This involves packing up years of stuff and deciding what to keep and what to toss. I've come to realize that my mother is a pack rat. We have enough household items for three families. Not to mention the clothes! We could probably dress a small nation of women in various sizes. Then I look into my own closet and boxes to see that in fact, I am my mother's daughter. Minus the beaded tunics and embroidered jeans.

The Salvation Army truck is coming on Monday. Wish us luck!


WeezerMonkey said...

Embroidered jeans are hot.

dapotato said...

your mom and my mom should swap clothes...and end up with the same wardrobe they started with.