Thursday, March 27, 2008

Paris Day Uh...

In my excitement over Shopping Day, I actually skipped an entire day in my account of the trip. I believe this is the Real Day 4.

Real Day 4, we went to Versailles and again, Rick Steves audio tour was our guide. When we reached the palace, there was a sign posted stating, "Due to the strike, the opening of the palace has been delayed." It looked like there was some heavy duty construction going on and so I thought the palace wasn't open at all because construction was stalled. We spent nearly 2 hours walking in the garden and touring the smaller palaces on the premises. Frankly, I had expended on my entire energy reserve for the day on this garden.

It was pouring rain by the time we finished the gardens and my heart was set on goi
ng home when of course, we discover that the palace is open and we could go in and tour it.

I cursed.

I was slightly re-energized by a lunch break Chez Lazare. I had smoked salmon and lamb chops with fries, K had the escargot and beef stew that looked nothing like beef stew. More like huge meatballs in brown sauce.

Food coma took over and I almost asked K to go home and skip the palace altogether. Almost. Who knows when I'll get the chance to see Versailles again? So I pressed on.

The palace is gorgeous. Just the palace-y, baroque stuff you'd expect to see. Much of the furniture and decor was recreated because most of the real stuff was destroyed in the revolution. This pisses me off slightly. I almost feel like I'm looking at a model room in Ikea, only with baroque style stuff. But, the paintings on the ceiling are definitely worth taking a gander.

We went home and had dinner at a chain restaurant, Chez Clement. We didn't know it was a chain until we saw it everywhere we went after we dined there. Fabulous pineapple desserts here.

Shopping day really took place on Day 5 and the historical walk took place on Day 6. So now I'm on Day 7. If not ... oh well.

Day 7: Visited La Defense, a cubed office building in Downtown
Paris. Downtown Paris has skyscrapers and whatever else you may expect to see in a Downtown anywhere. It's so huge that we couldn't take a good picture of it from any perspective. Here's one borrowed from google images.

You can pay 7.50 Euros to take en elevator to the top and walk through a model gallery with an explanation of the building's creation and watch a video on the process. Then you can stand on the roof and look out at Paris.

Had lunch at a nearby cafe and then attempted to go do some more shopping on one of the monster department stores. Discovered that all stores were closed the Monday after Easter. Drowned our disappointment in ice cream and cafe at another cafe. Went back to the hotel to rest.

We took a dinner cruise that night on the Seine River. For 2.5 hours, you eat and watch the sights of Paris go by. For 125 euros, you get a very poor selection of food, but at least you can drink all the wine you want. I don't drink wine so I filled up on coke and mineral water (both very expensive commodities here in Paris).

K and I took this time to have the "So, now we're married..." conversation. Marriage allows you to have a type of conversation that doesn't take place when you're dating. Marriage allows you to talk about yourselves as a permanent unit. I made a personal point not to talk about breeding.

Also on this cruise, a girl got engaged and a group of high school students from America made loud, rambunctious fools of themselves. A lady from NY, who sat behind us, got completely wasted and embarrassed her daughter and husband. It was like dinner theater!


WeezerMonkey said...

Gotta love the ugly Americans.

dapotato said...

i love the motley cast of americans on your cruise.

love that you made a point not to talk about breeding.

i wish we had crazy dept. stores like they do in europe and asia. even this shopping hater can't resist those.