Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Paris Day 4 and 5

Day 4 was my favorite day of all! It was shopping day! We headed over to Rue Cler to check out the open air market and then over to the department stores and boutiques. The department stores wore me out and I consider myself to be a pretty strong shopping. They're at least 7 stories gigantic tall and sell everything from art supplies to groceries. Think the NYC Macy's. On crack.

Saturday is a horrible day to go to the department stores. Especially the Saturday before Easter. I was run over by Japanese tourists grabbing for LV bags (I saw a girl buy FOUR. At ONE time.) and shoved by locals doing their regular errands. I was utterly defeated. But I would stand victorious at the end of the day because my fabulous husband bought me this:

Gucci "Queen" large hobo! The prices are slightly lower here but with the
exchange rate (Boo to the weak dollar) and taxes/customs, the savings are minimal - but just enough to be an excuse to make the purchase.

**Lesson learned in Paris: You are suposed to get a 12% rebate if you make a purchase over 250 Euros. However, if you allow the store to fill out and process the paper work for you, they take 4% of that rebate. If you bring back souvenirs totaling over $800, you pay a 3% flat tax when you get home to the US. If you are claiming the 12% discount, you get the rebate at the airport so you must bring the item with you, unused. Moral of this lesson: These is no such thing as free money.**

I am so excited about the purse that I don't even remember what I ate that day. So moving on...

Day 5: We went on Rick Steves' historical walk of Paris using, again, his audio tour. We saw a tree planted in 1602, a replica of Marie Antoinette's cell, a bookstore frequented by some famous authors, etc. etc..

**Lesson learned in Paris: There is so much history here that it'll make you gag if you try to digest it too quickly. Take your time at the sites you choose to visit.***

We then went back to visit some of our favorite sites to take pictures. K is on a kick to take fabulous pictures so that he can frame and display them at the house. Here's one of them:


dapotato said...

eeee! you have a blog! stalking time. ;)

WeezerMonkey said...

I don't know what I love more -- the bag or the I.M. Pei pyramid all lit up.


dapotato said...

dude. i so didn't even see the bag the first time around. very nice purchase. and your husband bought it for you. ;)