Monday, March 24, 2008

Paris Day 2 and 3

I didn't realize how long-winded I can be until I read my last post. Apologies. I'm going to combine some of our Paris days, as that's how they are starting to mush together in my brain.

Disclaimer: I realize that I'm leaving out many accent marks that should be in the French words. I don't know how to use them in blogger. Boo me. I also haven't gotten the hang of the layout so that my words don't run into my pictures. My ideal is to have my pictures in a nice, neat row and words above and under them, not next to. Boo #2.

On Day 2, we went to the Louvre. We tried our third Rick Steves' recommended restaurant, Le Nemours near the museum. It was good! I had the lasagna and K had the ham sandwich. Yes, I had lasagna.

After lunch, we set off for the Lourve. I won't post pictures of that here because y'all already know what the Lourve looks like. If not, google image it. To conquer this giant, we relied on Rick Steves' free audio tour. Just download into your iPod and you're set to go! I've never used the aud
io tours at museums prior to this and now, I will never visit another museum without it. It was that good. Rick Steves does a great job of editing the museum so that you see all the key (read: famous) pieces, and presents you with enough context to understand it without boring you.

It's true what they say:
the Lourve takes ALL DAY to visit. We didn't even see every part but by the time we were through, it was time for dinner. We went to La Terrasse near the Eiffle Tower and this has become one of our favorite places to eat in Paris. The food was great and the service was good. I had the escargot and sea bass, K had the steak and fries.


Day 3: We went to the Notre Dame and Musee de Orsay. Again, Rick Steves audio tour increased my enjoyment of both attractions by a bazillion fold.

For lunch we hit up a German influenced restaurant, La Brasserie de l'Isle de Saint Louis. I had the pig knuckle and K had the steak and fries. Again.

I appreciated the staff and the ambiance of the restaurant, and K loved his steak. It's hard to get your steak right here in Paris because their standard of medium is actually closer to our rare or medium rare. Sometimes they try to over-compensate when they see that you're an American and cook your steak to a crisp.

For dinner, we were so pooped that we just picked a place on Champs Elysees. So blah that it wasn't even worth photos.

**Lesson learned today: French portions are smaller than American portions (at most places). I can actually finish my entire order here.**


WeezerMonkey said...

I enjoy that you're an adventurous eater.

dapotato said...

bouef + frites = yummy!
but variety is good. ;)